AVATARA, A Cross-Platform Web3 MMORPG Announced on Klaytn

A new Web3 MMORPG has been announced in the Klaytn ecosystem: AVATARA. This blockchain-based action MMO comes from NX3Games and has an interesting backstory that could indicate its future success.

NX3Games developed R.O.H.A.N. M, a mobile MMORPG that itself was developed from the classic PC version. This title rose to 2nd in sales in Korea and Taiwan since its release in 2019, generating around $130 million and amassing millions of players. Now, the team has built on that to create AVATARA.

AVATARA is a free-to-play, action MMORPG with a tokenized, player-driven economy, NFT items, and thus Play-to-Earn (P2E) capabilities according to the white paper. AVATARA has all of the staples of MMORPGs, such as guilds, raids, a class system, and extensive character progression. It is also worth noting that the game is already cross-platform, operating on both iOS and Android for mobile, and PC.

AVATARA is built using the Klaytn blockchain which is a strong, albeit lesser-known chain for gaming. Regular readers and viewers of our stream may find the name familiar as we’ve mentioned it on a few occasions, most notably for a different Web3 (sort of) MMORPG, Ni No Kuni. Klaytn is a green chain with high Transactions Per Second (TPS) and Avatara can enjoy cost-free on-chain transactions that also have one of the lowest average latencies of any chain.

We believe AVATARA’s ecosystem and gameplay will take the P2E gaming experience to a whole new level in both content and technology […] In partnership with Klaytn, we also expect AVATARA to meet the standards of discerning MMORPG players worldwide while allowing them to truly own the in-game items that they earn. NX3 will continue providing optimal services to ensure that AVATARA players around the globe enjoy their experiences with its second-to-none gaming content.

— Kyuho Lee, Business Vice President at NX3

AVATARA is available to play right now on Android and PC, and somewhat surprisingly, on iOS too. Typically, Apple has been tremendously difficult with the use of NFTs in-app, but nevertheless, it’s available. I can’t speak to AVATARA’s gameplay or quality quite yet, but I will be diving in as soon as I am able and I’ll write a more comprehensive piece. In the meantime, if you play it and have any thoughts, please let us know on Twitter or in our Discord!


Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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