Are You Funded? Google Cloud Launches Web3 Startup Program

There really aren’t any titans left that aren’t involved in Web3 in one way or another at this point. Google is no different and now Google Cloud is offering a Web3 startup program where projects can apply to get up to $200k in credits for your project.

I realized recently that those with no interest in crypto, blockchain, or Web3, drastically underestimate how much is happening in the space with the blue chip companies they hold in high regard. This is often a result of the major organizations keeping the big moves in Web3 reasonably quiet due to the backlash we have seen in the past. Google doesn’t necessarily fit in that camp, but to the surprise of many, their involvement in Web3 is already significant.

Google Cloud, in particular, has been catering for Web3 organizations left and right: BNB Chain, Coinbase, Tezos, Solana, Dapper Labs, Chainlink, Near Protocol, Sky Mavis, and many more. Google has more or less powered the internet era, both Web1 and Web2, so it makes sense that the company would want to retain the reins and they are well positioned to do so.

Google Cloud Web3 Startup Program

The Google Cloud Web3 startup program is aimed at projects in the space and isn’t overly prescriptive as to what would qualify, just that it’s in or pertaining to Web3. The program is split into two tiers: Start and Scale. The Start tier is for projects founded within the last 5 years that have received no funding from investors or foundations. The Scale tier is for projects that have received funding and can have been founded in the past 10 years.

Both tiers will be offered Google Cloud credits valid for up to 2 years, with a $2,000 maximum for Start and $200,000 maximum for Scale. There are many benefits alongside the credits you can receive — far too many to list here — which you can see on this page.

There are also Web3-centric benefits to joining the program. Both tiers get access to major Web3 events such as Paris Blockchain Week, Consensus, and TOKEN2049 Singapore, with Scale tier projects getting some VIP access. There is then access to Web3 training and resources, private Discord servers, and Google’s Web3 roadmap.

One final, noteworthy benefit for projects in the Scale tier is the access to other grants from exclusive foundations and Web3 businesses. This includes Near, Solana, Polygon, Thirdweb, and so on. Polygon, who we quietly partnered with ourselves, have a particularly juicy pot: “Access to a total of up to $3M USD in investments from the Polygon Ventures Ecosystem Fund, priority review from the Ventures Team, and access to all Polygon Venture benefits

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Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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