Amazon Prime Gaming Partners With WAX Web3 Game, Brawlers

Amazon Prime Gaming has been heavily involved in web3 games over the past few months and now Brawlers has joined the fray!

There is an alliance between Amazon and web3 gaming that only the few who are watching closely seem to know about. At the highest level, Amazon’s AWS and the gaming-centric blockchain, Immutable, partnered. However, there have been plenty of smaller partnerships directly with web3 games. For example, Amazon Prime Gaming has given away NFTs and in-game content for the likes of Blankos Block Party, Mojo Melee, and My Pet Hooligan, among a few others. Now, the latest to get the Amazon treatment is Brawlers.

What Is Brawlers?

Brawlers, previously known as Blockchain Brawlers, is a unique card game on WAX, created by Tyranno Studios. One of the key game modes and the heart of the PvP is the brainchild of Magic: The Gathering creator, Richard Garfield. Furthermore, Tyranno Studios is led by Michael Rubinelli who has a 25-year career in the gaming industry with the likes of Disney, Electronic Arts, and THQ, and was a key player in the rise of free-to-play gaming.

Brawlers Game WAX

The gameplay of Brawlers is difficult to succinctly describe to someone who hasn’t played it before, but interestingly, one of Rubinelli’s first descriptions to me of how the game will play is still accurate: a TCG mixed with poker. This was nearly two years ago, however, and since then there have been a number of additions, changes, and entirely new game modes, including the new BRAWL4ALL autobattle mode.

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Amazon Prime Gaming Partners With Tyranno Studios

Amazon Prime Gaming is fast becoming a fundamental part of modern gaming. It feels as if every top game teams up with Amazon Prime Gaming at some stage or another to give away items, from Fortnite, to Diablo, to indie projects. It is a fantastic way to get interest in your game and works as a new brand of advertising.

Teaming up with Amazon Prime Gaming marks a new chapter for Brawlers and the broader Web3 gaming sector. We aim to set new benchmarks in the wider integration of the gaming universe into Web3.

— Richard Garfield

The partnership with Tyranno Studios will hopefully expose the game to a wealth of new players, in turn inducting them into the WAX ecosystem. Above all, I hope Brawlers can demonstrate the value of blockchain in gaming to the new gamers it attracts, as well as — and this feels a longer shot than in-game items as NFTs — tokenized game currencies.

Players who link their Brawlers account with their Amazon Prime Gaming account will receive exclusive in-game items as well as monthly opportunities to get further items “such as a complete set of in-game cards themed around holidays, including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. Additionally, players will have the opportunity to win one of the 6 unique brawlers, which will become progressively rarer as the months roll on.”

To connect your accounts, you can view the Amazon Prime Gaming page here.

Final Thoughts

WAX BCB Tyranno Studios

A lot has changed for Brawlers of late. The game’s evolution has felt slow but considered until recently, when it had a flurry of major news. Firstly, the rebranding of the game from Blockchain Brawlers was a strong move to begin with. Two years ago I loudly worried that crypto terms would date games that used them in their names, and now we’re seeing a trend of games deleting all crypto terminology.

Secondly, Brawlers has only just announced its listing on the Epic Games Store, which has yielded an impressive bump in monthly active users (MAU) in other games, such as Gods Unchained.

Hopefully, this third news item — the partnership with Amazon Prime Gaming — will slot into the recent announcement trifecta for Brawlers and put the game on the map.

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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