Amazon Is Giving Away NFTs for Mojo Melee: Here’s How to Claim

Mojo Melee, the web3 auto chess battler, has partnered with Amazon Prime Gaming to give away NFT skins for two Champions. Here is how you claim them, even if you’ve never played the game before.

Five years ago, if you’d told me I could have claimed gaming NFTs through Twitch, I’d have believed you. If you’d told me that three years ago, however, I wouldn’t have. There was a long period where as strongly as I believed in blockchain’s value to gaming, mainstream adoption was not forthcoming. It was all the more conflicting because blockchain gaming was on one hell of a bull run through 2021 and although we had rumblings and letters of intent, we didn’t see much we could interact with.

Conversely, we are now in the brutal depths of a crypto winter and getting incredible examples of mainstream adoption on a near-weekly basis. Mythical Games’ NFL Rivals surpassed 1m downloads in June, and since then, it has become Apple’s featured app and a banner for the game is on the NFL’s homepage.

This is the sort of news we were dreaming of a few years ago, and so is the news about Mojo Melee on Twitch! Mojo Melee has made strides in the past few months and is now in beta on Android as well as being playable in-browser.

How to Claim the Mojo Melee NFTs Through Amazon Prime Gaming

Right, let’s get to the good stuff. How can you get the NFTs even if you have never played Mojo Melee? There are a few ways, but the results are the same. Remember, you need to have Amazon Prime to get these NFTs, in case you’re unfamiliar with Prime Gaming. You will also need a Sequence wallet, but if you don’t have one, fear not, you can create one as you complete the below process.

  1. Go to the Prime Gaming Loot page
  2. Search for “Mojo Melee”
  3. Click “Get in-game content” and you will be directed to the Mojo Melee website. If you have an account, log in and link to your Prime account. If you don’t, you can make one and then link it.
  4. Complete the tutorial match
  5. Go to the in-game Shop and claim the “Digital Collectable”. This will open up a window for you to create a Sequence wallet if you don’t already have one. (The skins are on Polygon.)
  6. Enjoy your Dawn Striker Champion and Chroma skins

    My Dawn Striker skin Polygon NFT — sorry, digital collectable — in my Sequence wallet

Thoughts on Mojo Melee

After getting the skins from Amazon, I decided it was time to give Mojo Melee another whirl. After all, it’s free-to-play, and since Riot’s Teamfight Tactics caused me to do a complete 180 on autobattlers, I was curious. Mojo Melee reminds me a fair bit of the early version of Dota Underlords which was excellent. It eventually got turned into something different and has all but died, but it was damned good at first.

Mojo Melee

If you’ve ever liked an autobattler, give Mojo Melee a try — I think you’ll be impressed. I haven’t got far into the game yet to feel out the balance, meta, or skill ceiling, but from what I’ve seen, I’ll happily hop in for a gamer here and there. It certainly lends itself well to the mobile platform too (watch the trailer above), which is an incredible market, of course. In terms of polish, it’s honestly not bad. It feels indie, which is fine, but it has rankings, various game modes, a battle pass, a shop, and so on — it’s certainly not barebones. I do have some suggestions for improvement, but for a young game, it’s addictive and that’s half the battle!

Have you tried Mojo Melee? Should I do a “What Is Mojo Melee?” video? Let me know on Twitter (sorry, I mean X) or LinkedIn!

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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