AlterVerse UE5 Metaverse Hub, Sky City, Starts Closed Beta

AlterVerse, a highly ambitious metaverse project, has been making strides in recent months. Starting 9th June 2023, the closed beta for the beautiful social hub, Sky City, begins and you can still get access.

If you asked someone to dream up what a metaverse game would look like, it’d probably be closest to AlterVerse. Backed by the likes of Binance Labs, Polygon Ventures, and Ankr, AlterVerse is a highly ambitious, Unreal Engine 5 metaverse game that aims to bring no-code Web3 game creation to the masses. In doing so, the AlterVerse metaverse can grow in size and complexity at the hands of the community.

This tactic is similar to Alien Worlds’ Galactic Hubs or The Sandbox in becoming a metagame; an ecosystem of games all tied together under one universe. No MMO-sized game would be complete without its own social hub to congregate in, and in AlterVerse, that’s Sky City. After a successful funding round last year, the Sky City pre-alpha was tested and now we are looking at the first closed beta.

Sky City has been shaping up nicely in the past 12 months, with more shops, partners, and sponsors cropping up, as well as 20 mini-games, player housing, and live events. As it is all built in Unreal Engine 5, the graphical fidelity is of the highest standard, as you can see in the above tweet.

The announced closed beta begins today, 9th June 2023, and you can still get access. If you would like to get into this closed beta and see it for yourself, click here to sign up.

My feelings toward Sky City haven’t changed all that much since October 2022, when I said the following:

As is so often the case in Web3, this is an ambitious project. AlterVerse aims to be a multi-game mini-metaverse with its own social hub, Sky City, which is like a spiritual successor to my beloved CyberTown.

AlterVerse is shaping up beautifully, has decent backing, and is growing in following — the future looks bright for the project. However, I will say that a lot hinges on their two upcoming and connected games: Outpost and Rekt.

— ‘AlterVerse Launches Sky City Pre-Alpha After Successful Funding Round

Both Outpost and Rekt, the two flagship games in the AlterVerse ecosystem, are “70% completed” according to the website, so we can look forward to testing those soon!

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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