Level Up Your Alien Worlds Mining Arsenal With New NFT Tools

"Collectors and traders will be frothing at the prospect of a race for 32 new Alien Worlds mint one NFTs, particularly given the incredible new artwork we’re seeing, which deserves a shout-out!"

Alien Worlds has announced the Series 2 NFTs that will appear in the Outpost and they bring with them opportunities to greatly increase the amount players can mine, but that’s not all. Miners, collections, traders — you’ll want to see this.

Mining sits at the heart of Alien Worlds and stuffing your cargo hold full of Trilium is no easy feat; anyone can mine, but not everyone can mine well. Explorers have spent the past few years poring over statistics and data, hoping to find the optimum setup, and some major recent improvements have sent the community into a frenzy.

There have been two substantial shifts in recent months: Land Boosting and Rarity Pools. Make sure you read both guides if you’re looking to dominate those mining leaderboards. In fact, the Rarity Pools update nicely informs one of the best changes to come with Series 2 NFTs: Shining.

Firstly, let’s get started with a breakdown of the Series 2 NFTs.

Alien Worlds Series 2 NFTs: New Tools

Alien Worlds Series 2 NFT Tools

In total, there are 10 new tools for players to integrate into their mining arsenal. The Series 1 common tools are finally depleted and even the rare tools are close to hitting their supply cap. So, it’s time for some fresh machinery!

Shiny Explosive (Common)

This new Common tool was inspired by the Basic Explosive and provides a balanced mining experience. With a 1,500-second charge time, the Shiny Explosive allows time to socialize in their Discord channel in between attempts.

Extreme Extractor (Common)

Upgrade from the Power Extractor with the new Extreme Extractor. This new tool is geared towards Trilium mining but also provides a small burst of NFT power.

Exo Claws (Common)

This new iteration of the Exoglove allows you to quickly mine for NFT points instead of Trilium, with a small amount of Trilium mining power as an added attribute.

Dusty Extractor (Common)

Inspired by the Gasrigged Extractor, the Dusty Extractor provides a balanced mining experience for players wanting to excavate Trilium and NFT points.

Plasmatic Extractor (Common)

Closely related to the Infused Extractor, this new Common tool was designed with Trilium miners in mind. By combining plasma with the extractor, engineers were able to add considerable efficiency to the extraction process.

Cymatic Saw (Common)

This powerful saw marks the second generation of Manipulator technology and provides plenty of Trilium mining power with enough NFT mining power to make your excavation efforts feel balanced.

Rookie Treasure Locator (Common)

Designed to achieve the opposite effects of the Basic Trilium Detector. The Rookie Treasure Locator provides easy access to mining NFT points for Explorers looking to start building their NFT collection.

Certified Kol Digger (Common)

The name is inspired by the infamous Kol, who Neri defeated during Syndicate activation. Closely related to the Power Extractor, this fast-charging tool provides a balanced mining experience with a fast charge time so you can maximize your number of mining attempts.

Draxos Hammer (Rare)

Draxos Industries recently brought their second tool to market and this new Hammer provides Draxos fans an opportunity to assemble a Trilium-focused mining rig with a fair amount of NFT power added for good measure.

Ether Converter (Legendary)

With an impressive 42 Trilium and 28 NFT power for the standard stone shine, the Ether Converter is the epitome of efficiency. Add one to your rig for the ability to step away for long periods of time while still achieving your desired result.

The advent of new mining tools shakes up the mining meta in a number of ways. The first important point to note is that the new tools integrate into your current mining rigs; they complement the original tools rather than replace them. Secondly, you will notice that some of the new tools are Yang to the series’ Yin. That is, some of the new items function in the opposite way to their earlier counterparts. For example, the Draxos Axe was focused on mining NFT points, whereas the new Draxos Hammer is primarily for mining Trilium.

Series 2 NFTs: Improved Shining

Shining is a feature that was added to Alien Worlds to allow players to upgrade their NFTs. By taking duplicate NFTs, you could change the visual effect and upgrade the power of tools. Shining Series 1 tools could certainly pay dividends, but the stat increases were between 0% and 8%. Series 2 tool shining will be much more effective.

When you rush to the Outpost to get your hands on this new equipment, you may notice that the price is higher for these new NFTs than Series 1 tools. This is because although the new tools integrate well with previous ones, shining them gives greater power gains. In fact, instead of 0-8%, shining the new tools will increase their stats by 15-25%. If you shine your legendary Ether Converter from Stone to Antimatter (that’s 256 legendaries required to do, so maybe not this specific tool!) you can nearly halve the recharge time: 2,000 seconds at Stone is reduced to 1,150 seconds at Antimatter. A more realistic example would be the common Series 2 tool, Rookie Treasure Locator. If you shine that from Stone to Gold and then Gold to Stardust, the Luck stat doubles.

The Race for Mint Ones

Now, there is a less obvious side to the Series 2 tools and for me, it’s one of the most exciting: the race for mint ones! Mint one NFTs are coveted in many collections, but especially in Alien Worlds given it is a founding father of blockchain gaming. We might be in the depths of a crypto winter, but mint one Alien Worlds NFTs still command high prices and we’re about to see many new opportunities to get one. Not only are there 10 new tools hitting the Outpost that you could snag the first edition of, but all of the shines for each tool, too; that means 32 opportunities to acquire a mint one Alien Worlds NFT!

Collectors and traders will be frothing at that prospect, particularly given the incredible new artwork we’re seeing which deserves a shout-out! The artwork in Alien Worlds has always been a little hit-and-miss to me, with some graphics teleporting you to a fantasy planet, and others leaving you cold. Hopefully, these Series 2 tools’ artwork is a sign of things to come because they are beautiful.

So, there you have it. Alien Worlds have shaken it up again, and miners, collectors, and traders all have a horse in this race. Make your way to the Outpost in the least orderly way possible.

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