Alibaba Launches Web3 Incubator in Japan, Focus on Blockchain Games

Alibaba, one of the largest and most powerful organizations on earth, has announced the opening of a blockchain lab in Japan that will partly focus on furthering the development of Web3 games.

This week, Alibaba showed further interest in blockchain technology and announced the launch of its blockchain lab in Shibuya, Tokyo. You can read the announcement here, but unless you’re fluent in Japanese, you’ll need a translator plugin. The focus is to cultivate the Web3 community in Japan, aiding those interested in building in the space. The blockchain lab in the beating heart of Tokyo will also act as a sort of incubator and will have a particular focus on gaming.

The strength of content development and cross-industry digital technology, especially in the gaming space, is creating more opportunities in Japan with a thriving Web3 community. We want to provide technology platforms, intelligence tools, and encourage customers and developers to build their own applications in areas such as games, metaverses, social media, etc. Also, through our new blockchain lab in Japan, We will provide resources, events and networking opportunities to help our customers seize new business opportunities in this exciting Web3 era.

— Unique Song, Regional General Manager, Alibaba Cloud Japan

This new lab will be opened in partnership with Tokyu Land Corporation, as well as Skeleton Crew Studio, a game and VR developer. The lab will be used to both teach developers the skills required to work in Web3 and to aid in exploring the business opportunities within it. Alibaba Cloud has also announced Web3 global hackathon events, with the first named HAPathon 2023. Interestingly, there will also be a blockchain game hackathon event called #asobiHack_Tokyo and will presumably also happen this year. Winners of each hackathon event will present their projects at the Hong Kong Web3 Festival.

One final addition to this announcement that ought to be highlighted is Alibaba Cloud’s blockchain node service that has recently been launched in Japan. While in closed testing at the moment, this move shows just how serious Alibaba is about blockchain’s role in the future of technology.

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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