We are a group of experienced gamers, friends and industry professionals who are dedicated to exploring the potential of blockchain gaming.

Our mission is to bring you the best and latest blockchain gaming content. A majority of the mainstream is yet to catch onto the benefits that blockchain can provide for gaming, but don’t worry that’s our job. We will sort through the grit to find you the gems, whether it be a 2D cat or the latest RPG. We are here to expose the immense potential of this new technology, and bring light to the amazing projects and their developers currently pioneering the gaming landscape.

Unlike other sites, we are only interested in covering ‘real’ games that utilise blockchain technology. No cheap cash grabs or gambling projects will be featured here. We will have a filter, so you don’t have to, as we see no point wasting time on projects that won’t go anywhere. Fortunately our contributors are knowledgeable and well connected so the content will be concise, comprehensive, and fresh.

We host frequent NFT & early access giveaways, so make sure you’re not missing out and join our Discord!

If you have any questions or would like to speak to the team, please email us at info[at]tokengamer[dot]io or use the contact form. Until then, game on!


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Dave Mountford

Co-founder, Developer

Ex-WoW pro, crypto enthusiast, and keeper of bees.

Primary holdings: WAXP, ENJ
Secondary holdings: AVAX, ETH, BTC

Rob Baggs

Co-founder, Editor

Professional wordsmith, blockchain gaming zealot, and petrolhead.

Primary holdings: WAXP, ENJ
Secondary holdings: ETH, GALA

Diesel Smith

System Admin

Linux loving hyper nerd. Favourite pastime is tweaking firewall rules.

Primary holdings: WAXP



Mobile GameFi enthusiast, strategy lover, hot-sauce obsessed.

Primary holdings: WAXP, CSM
Secondary holdings: XTZ, ALGO