A Leap Forward for Play to Earn Gaming: Binance Lists Yield Guild Games’ YGG Token

In a positive week for blockchain gaming and the metaverse, ableit bizarre in places, we have another success story to end the week on. Binance has been listing more and more tokens that play a role in blockchain gaming, with Gala Games being another recent addition. Now, one of the key outfits in the space, Yield Guild Games, has joined the trading platform.

Yield Guild Games’ token, $YGG, is now officially on Binance as of 24th September 2021. The initial trading pairs are:


What Is Yield Guild Games?

Yield Guild Games (YGG) is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for investing in NFTs used in blockchain games. It is a gaming community revolving around Play to Earn (P2E) systems in various blockchain-based games and economies. One of the biggest blockchain games of 2021, Axie Infinity, was the first use case where the founder of YGG, Gabby Dizon, began lending out characters. This is where YGG has carved itself an important space: it is a system for lending in-game NFT assets which in turn provides financial rewards in the form of a token.

To really grasp how successful YGG is, I’d draw your attention to the demand and the results. With regards to demand, YGG announced a public sale of 25 million of their $YGG token. It sold out in 31 seconds raising $12,496,000. Thirty-one seconds. As for the results, it is estimated that YGG is paying out around $1,000,000 per week to its guild members.

What Games are Part of Yield Guild Games?

YGG has partnered with a number of games — some of which have ranked highly on the dapp charts for the last year or more — but they all share certain criteria. That is, they all have player-owned NFTs that can be traded, loaned, or sold, a “strong yield component” for player income, and they must incentivize group play in some way.

The graphic above shows 10 games they have partnered with, from the game that has been challenging Dapp Radar‘s rank one spot on DappRadar, Spliterlands, to Sandbox which has had quite the week itself involving Snoop Dogg.

The listing of $YGG on Binance could help supercharge the ability for gamers to make usable money from their NFTs and playtime, which given the ravenous interest in P2E, can only be a positive.

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
Full-time professional crypto writer and Editor of Token Gamer. Co-host of the Mint One Podcast. Obsessed with MMOs. London based. Primary holdings: WAXP, ENJ, & BTC. Secondary holdings: ETH, GALA, & MATIC

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