9 Lives Arena Kickstarter Campaign Reveals ENJ-Backed Crypto Gaming Assets!

9 Lives Arena’s Kickstarter campaign released today, revealing exclusive presale items backed by Enjincoin. It is the second game to host a presale for ENJ-backed assets in order to raise funds for development.

9 Lives Arena will be a cross-platform RPG where players can create ENJ-backed fighters, customise them with weapons, armor and spells and fight for fame and glory in the 9 Lives Arena! Proceed with caution — 9 Lives will feature permadeath when fighting in the arena. The stakes are high — win or lose your precious ENJ-backed gaming assets!

Without further ado, let’s check out what the Kickstarter has to offer!


There are multiple packages available all containing an assortment of rewards, including Ooogies, limited armor sets, limited edition Belts, special in-game titles, Enjin Multiverse items! Also available to the higher pledge tiers are invitations to the 9 Lives launch party and the opportunity to design your own unique 9 Lives Arena items. These high tier rewards are very limited so if you got the cash better get in fast!

Let’s take a closer look at these presale items and the value they give in-game.


Ooogy is your faithful companion and helper in 9 Lives. Feed him his favourite fishy foods and he will collect resources and craft for you. Ooogy will come with a companion app for your smartphone so you can connect with Ooogy at any time to give him directions, not only when you are playing in-game! Let your Ooogy work for you!

Ooogys are unique and can possess one or many royal bloodline traits (there are 12 Royal Ooogy bloodlines, and the more royal traits an Ooogy possesses, the more powerful it becomes). Depending on your Kickstarter pledge, you can receive up to five random Ooogys. (Pledge CA$39 to get one random Ooogy, or CA$649 or above to receive five!)

Lost Atlantean Mage Armor Set

The Lost Atlantean Mage Armor set is delivered in the form of a 4 piece crafting recipe, so players with the recipe can use it to create their own set. In addition, the set comes with a matching Belt that cannot be crafted, so they will be limited to Kickstarter backers!

The Mage Armor set reward gives you one or two armor set recipes as well as one or two belts depending on your pledge (CA$65 gets you the green set, CA$156 or more gets you the purple, CA$454 gets you both!) Note, the armor sets colour does not mean you will automatically craft an item of that rarity. The colour of the set is cosmetic, meaning you need luck and skill to acquire the highest quality items, and prevents pay-to-win scenarios.


In 9 Lives Arena, belts are a non-craftible item, meaning that there will be no recipes to create them. Belts can only be found, won or traded with other players. When your character dies with a belt on, that belt will be featured on that player’s statue, a testament to the glory they reached in the Arena!

The 9 Lives presale features the silver and gold Demon Skull Belts. The silver version can be attained when you pledge a minimum of CA$156.

Gold Demon Skull Belts are limited to 50 worldwide, and can be attained at a minimum pledge of CA$649.

Enjin Multiverse Items

9 Lives Arena is only the second ENJ-backed game that has hosted a presale for their ENJ-backed crypto assets. However, 9 Lives is the first to feature some of Enjin’s Multiverse items — items that can be used across many games, and provide unique mechanics and forms in each one. The 9 Lives Kickstarter campaign gives you the chance to up to three limited Multiverse items per pledge, with a selection of the following –

Epochrome Sword

The Epochrome Sword is a legendary, immortal sword, forged on the dragonworlds and immune to the effects of entropy. In 9 Lives Arena, wielding the Epochrome sword will match your stat budget to your opponent, creating a level playing field.

However, if you lose your last life while wielding the sword, your opponent has the opportunity to take it from you! There is an upside — your player’s statue will proudly wield the sword, for all time!

Receive an Epochrome sword for a minimum pledge of CA$104.

Mike the Hungover Lord

After attempting to steal the legendary Fomorphic Nectar from vengeful deity R’aenea the Huntress, Mike the Hungover Lord was cursed to wander the infinite multiverses, taking myriad forms, for all eternity.

In 9 Lives Arena, it is unclear the extent of Mike’s powers. We do know that sometimes he morphs sporadically into a super Ooogy with incredible powers to collect and craft. However, his transformation is short-lived and unpredictable. Stay tuned for more info on Mike in 9 Lives and other multiverse-supporting games!

Mike can be obtained by pledging a minimum of CA$156 or more.

Multiverse Forge Hammer

The Multiverse Forge Hammer is the rarest of the three available Multiverse items.

In 9 Lives Arena, the Forge Hammer is the most powerful crafting tool in the game. It gives the user a greater chance of forging epic quality items. It can be obtained for a minimum pledge of CA$234. For even better value, you can pledge CA$454 or more and receive all three multiverse items!

The 9 Lives Kickstarter is rewarding supporters with valuable items with the provenance of being the first rare Enjin-backed crypto gaming assets.

Launch Party Invitations, In-Game Titles and Custom 9 Lives Items

Higher end pledges, ranging from CA$649 to CA$13,000+ contain an assortment of rewards including invitations to the 9 Lives Arena launch party, special in-game titles such as “Lord” and “Glorious Lord” that precede the names of your fighters, the chance to create a custom item or set of your design, as well as special backer recognition in the credits.

For more information and to pledge, visit the 9 Lives Arena Kickstarter page. But hurry! Pledge rewards are limited — get in now to procure some rare items of real value, and support Enjincoin adoption for fairer, more equitable gaming!

Sam Finerty
Sam Finerty
Sam is a writer, artist and tech enthusiast from Australia who is passionate about blockchain’s potential for the gaming and arts industries. Full disclosure: holds ETH and ENJ.

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