$500m Invested in Blockchain Gaming Platform, C2X, on Terra

A Play-to-Earn MMORPG, part of the Summoners War IP, is set to be hosted on new Terra-based blockchain gaming platform, C2X, as well as having Play-to-Earn mechanics.


  • Summoners War publisher, Com2uS, announces blockchain gaming platform, C2X, on the Terra blockchain
  • Upcoming Summoners War: Chronicles MMORPG will be P2E and be hosted on C2X.

South Korean giant of game publishing, Com2uS, took a large step towards blockchain gaming with the announcement of its C2X blockchain gaming platform based upon Terra. This new platform has now received a $500m valuation after an investment round saw $25m of its private token sold. The round was led by ubiquitous Animoca Brands, newly gaming-curious FTX (Ventures division), and Jump. The list of investors so far is expansive, including familiar names like Skybound and Galaxy Interactive.

Com2uS is an interesting company in gaming and potentially an underrated ally in the growth of blockchain gaming. Last year, Com2uS invested in Animoca Brands (a little circular, but stay with me) but is known for having titanic games within mobile gaming. Most notably, perhaps, is Summoners War which has been a long-standing favorite and has generated an alleged $2 billion since its original release. This neatly brings us to a related and significant part of this story that has been brushed over by too many: Summoners War: Chronicles.

Why Summoners War Might Be the Key to C2X’s Success

As you can see from the above figure, Summoners War has been a tremendously popular game, now franchise, attracting millions upon millions of players. To this day, I would still call it the best mobile game I’ve played, although I’m not much of a mobile gamer.

For several years, Summoners War: Chronicles has been in the works, and tidbits have been offered to fans. This real-time MMORPG is scheduled for release on iOS, Android, and PC, and will undoubtedly garner a lot of attention from mobile gamers, Summoners War fans, and MMORPG disciples alike. There has, however, been an update in recent months: Summoners War: Chronicles will be Play-to-Earn (P2E).

This is a serious vote of confidence in blockchain gaming by Com2uS, integrating P2E mechanics into their flagship IP’s biggest title to date. The use of NFTs and blockchain in any way in popular games has been met with a barrage of vitriol, with many gamers believing it to be not in their interests (when the truth is quite the opposite, or at the very least, has the potential to be.)

Where this story comes full circle is that Summoners War: Chronicles will be hosted on the new blockchain gaming platform, C2X, alongside at least another 9 games coming in 2022. This will likely induct a wealth of new players into blockchain gaming and hopefully elevate onboarding in the process.

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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