10 Amazing Web3 Games to Hit Elixir Games Launcher

"Elixir Games Launcher has evolved from a small client with a handful of web3 games, to an entire web3 gaming ecosystem, and I couldn't be happier."

Elixir Games Launcher is one of the go-to places to play web3 games and they’re about to add 10 more incredible projects. If you see somebody on Twitter whinging there is nothing to play in Web3, send them this!

What Is the Elixir Games Launcher?

Elixir Games Launcher

Elixir Games Launcher is a chain-agnostic hub for web3 games, but also hosts services from various wallets, networks, anti-cheats, marketplaces, and so on. Our very own Murtagh did a breakdown of the Elixir platform a year ago, but so much has happened in those 12 months. In 2023 alone, Elixir has partnered with Square Enix and Gala Games, for instance.

10 New Games on Elixir Games Launcher

Right, let’s get to the games, shall we? If you want to watch a trailer or play any of the new games, just click their name below to visit the Elixir Games Launcher page for them.

World Eternal Online


World Eternal Online has been one of the most highly anticipated web3 games in development. We initially wrote about it after the announcement back in 2021, and as a PvP, blockchain-enabled MMORPG, I was immediately sold. World Eternal Online, like most games in this list, is in development still, but it’s now playable! The most ambitious project on this list and well worth a look.



CyberTitans is part of a surge of tactical autobattlers — a genre that has caught the attention of many gamers, myself included. The arena for CyberTitans is bigger than most, with 64 squares per battlefield, and there are already multiple game modes, including Quick Game and Tournaments.

Elemental Raiders

Elemental Raiders is most similar to a TCG, but this hero battler has many distinguishing features. Although it’s turn-based, it’s fast-paced, has PvP and PvE (in the form of raids), it’s Play-and-Earn, and has truly impressive depth to it.


Chronos is a post-apocalyptic, side-scrolling, action RPG with PvE, PvP, single-player, and co-op. Chronos has a memorable art style and an interesting gameplay trajectory that sees you build a village. What’s more, Chronos is one of the few games with upgradeable NFTs!

Mokens League

Mokens League is a real-time, multiplayer football game aiming at esports. It is free-to-play, but there is a system in which you earn when you win. There is also a Club Manager Mode which caught my eye.


Tinies is a mobile-based MOBA in a top-down and cartoony style. This one appears to have been created in-house by Elixir Games and the Elixir page is currently undergoing a re-work. Nevertheless, Tinies is in the Public Beta phase of their roadmap, so if you like Thetan Arena, this might be up your street!

No Way Back

No Way Back is a familiar, casual shooter that will not be able to escape comparisons with Fortnite. Nevertheless, No Way Back doesn’t take itself too seriously and offers some fast-paced FPS and TPS (Third-Person Shooter) with Deathmatch as a solo player or with your friends, Pro League with a battlepass, tournaments, and a heavy community focus.

Tollan Worlds

Tollan Worlds is a pixel-art, sandbox MMORPG and the game I called “the coziest, most nostalgic MMO you’re likely to find“. When Tollan Worlds first joined Elixir, we partnered with the team to give away some keys and streamed some gameplay which proved popular. It’s a beautiful MMO, but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s simple. It even uses Chainlink VRF to ensure fairness in its randomness; incidentally, VRFs as a way to end cheating is a topic we discussed just this week.


Safrootics is an RPG crossed with an autobattler, with a strong pixel aesthetic. Safrootics is cross-platform, both PC and mobile, and is “F2P2E” as the developers put it, which means Free-to-Play-to-Earn.


CaveWorld is a turn-based PvP battler with systems built around it, such as crafting, exploration, and trading. Players can attack others and be attacked three times per day, equip abilities from a skill tree, and even arrange preset gear for when you’re offline and AI has to take over.

Final Thoughts

Elixir Games Launcher has evolved from a small client with a handful of web3 games, to an entire web3 gaming ecosystem, and I couldn’t be happier. There is such a wide spread of genres and playstyles that everyone will find something they like, and several of these latest additions are on my radar for testing!

Robert Baggs
Robert Baggs
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