Social Gaming Royalty, Habbo, Turns Attention to NFTs and It’s a Genius Move

    In the Noughties, few teens with access to the internet were not aware of a site called Habbo Hotel, now just Habbo. The pixel-art...

    Enjin Adds Interesting Play to Earn Shooter, Moonshot Voyage, to Its Adopter Program

    In an announcement yesterday, gaming blockchain, Enjin, revealed their latest addition to the Enjin Adopter Program, Moonshot Voyage. This program is far more exclusive...

    Largest Blockchain Gaming Venture Fund, Galaxy Interactive, Raises Another $325m

    Galaxy Interactive, a part of Galaxy Digital, is a leading venture fund with a focus on interactive entertainment and technology. Their chief focus has...

    The Staggering Stat About Blockchain Gaming in Q3 2021

    The third quarter of 2021 has been perhaps the most significant in blockchain gaming's short history. There was a sharp incline in users, trading...

    Why Steam’s Ban of Blockchain Gaming Feels Like a Betrayal of Indie Developers and Why Epic Might Be the Future

    When I first wrote about Steam's rumored change of heart on blockchain gaming, I felt as if they may have been a little misunderstood....

    WAX Enjoys Record-Breaking Week With Farmers World and Splinterlands

    Another tumultuous week in crypto comes and goes. We have seen good new and green portfolios, but also setbacks, particularly in blockchain gaming. A...

    Space Misfits on Enjin Is Fast Becoming a Big Deal in Blockchain Gaming After Recent Updates

    I first played Space Misfits in a very early build back at the start of this year and in March, we covered it in...

    Onessus, Creator of HodlGod, Announces New Open World NFT MMO, NiftyVille

    Onessus, a dapp development studio, is fast becoming one of the most interesting names in blockchain gaming. They first grabbed our attention with their...

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